Requirement for the Scriptural Joy in the Bible

oy of the Lord in King’s heart; By the strength of the Lord, the joy of the Lord must always be in the king whose God is his strength. One of the bible verses on joy recorded this in Psalms 21:1 that, the king shall joy in thy strength, O Lord; and in thy salvation how greatly shall he rejoice! Here in this verse, it enlighten all the Kings that joy comes not but by the strength of the Lord; and that all the kings should believe in his strength because with their strength they can do nothing. And to let the joy of the lord be their strength, Secondly, the same bible verse tells all the Kings that salvation is coming not from any Man, Woman or any other place but from God. That is why it says “And in thy Salvation how greatly shall he rejoice!”  

The Joy of the Lord by putting trust in Him: Church of Joy is the Church who obtains joy of the lord by putting it trust in the Lord. Bible verse on joy highlighted two fact of joy of the Lord in Psalms 5:11, the first fact of joy of the Lord, is that joy of the Lord will be among those or Churches who always put their trust in the Lord. And they will ever shout for joy because God is their defense for putting trust in him. Secondly, bible verse on joy point out here in Psalms 5:11C that the Joy of the Lord is in those who love the name of the Lord. It says “Let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.” Therefore, there is always joy of the Lord in the heart of those that love the name of the Lord. Let this be priority in your life, so as to testify.

Assurance of Safety and Security from the Lord:
Bible verses on Joy scrutinize the Joy of the Lord in the life of the Children of God whom God hide in his pavilion, in the secret place of his tabernacle and set up upon a rock in the time of trouble. This bible verse on joy in Psalms 27:5-6, tells us first about the safety and security of the Lord to all his Children. Now for the joy of this security of the Lord secondly, that your head is lifted up above your enemies round about you and in this reason thirdly, that you now offer unto the Lord in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy.

Kings have no joy in their life until they accepted that the source of their joy is of the Lord, before they can witness and testify the true joy of the Lord in their life. And in the Salvation of God that they would greatly rejoice, without Salvation of the Lord, they are but nothing and lifeless. And every Christian should put their trust in the Lord only and shout for joy because the Lord is our defense and to let the joy of the Lord overflows your mine for the love of his name.

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