Jesus Source of Our Joy

Bible Verse on Joy described Joy in the hearts of the three wise men. When they saw the star of Christ’s birth, they were joyous. because Jesus Christ our Saviour was born. It signifies and declares that Jesus Christ is our Joy. “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. Mathew 2:10” When a child is born, everybody celebrates the birth of the child, because he is joy for everyone to see a new born baby. whom delivered safely, for this reason, they rejoice and the day is marked as a birthday. But in the case of Jesus Christ is different because nobody’s birth had ever been directed by the star or visited by the three wise men. But it only happens on Christ’s birth; this is reason to celebrate him as a joy of the world.

Incomparable birth of Christ
Bible Verse on Joy has no account of birth of anyone compared to the birth of Christ. Jesus Christ birthday is incomparable to any other person’s birthday. Because, he is a Saviour to the world.  It is noted that once person is dead, they may mourn her for months, perhaps years, but the birth of the person is forgotten. But Jesus though he died, rose and he reigns forever. The birthday of Jesus is marked as indelible day to be celebrated in the whole world. The day is honour, it is important day for all Christians, which no generation will be left unaware. Therefore no one birthday can be remembered and celebrated like the birth of Jesus Christ.

         Bible Verse on Joy in Mathew 2:10 highlighted the degree of Joy in the hearts of the three wise men. they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.” The Joy was exceeding great, because the three wise men knew the important of Christ’s birth and his duties to the world. And the major one of his duties as a Saviour, he came to save souls. “For he shall save his people from their sins Mathew 1:21B” and to fulfilled his commitment, John 4:34 “My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.” For this reason, three wise men knew the birth of Christ, they visited him. And the visitation of the three wise men to Christ shows the respect, humility, an honour, adoration, obedience and faithfulness to the KING of kings and LORD of lords. The wise men who should have seen themselves as wise and highly reputable people, they ignored their reputation and were totally submissive to Christ; for they left their activities and spent their time to find where Christ was born. This truly shows humility and total submission to Christ in the regard to prove that he is our source of joy.

Presentation of gift by the three wise men
The presentation of gift by the three wise men to Christ was as recognition of honour to Christ our saviour, who served as our source of joy to the world.